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Sun by it or swim in it year round. We chose Saltwater for its therapeutic effects and heated it so it's ideal for a dip - morning, noon, or night.

The Private Rooftop at Petit Ermitage has a heated saltwater European pool. Children under the age of 18 are welcome to use the pool from the hours of 7am to noon with the supervision of an adult.

Yoga & spa services

Please join us throughout the week for complimentary yoga on the Firedeck.

8am – 9:15am every Monday through Friday and
9am – 10:15am on Saturdays and Sundays.


Should you not find the beautiful California Terrain – hills to hike, the ocean to swim - sufficient for exercising and prefer to work out in an enclosed box – try our gym!

Amusement Fare: $25.41/night

Petit Ermitage isn’t just a Hotel. It’s an escapade, curated by us on a daily and nightly basis to ensure you come away with either unforgettable memories or no memory of anything at all whatsoever. And to continue to support your amusement, health, enjoyment and self-imposed amnesia,
we have a $25.41 dollar/night amusement fare. A ticket to ride the Petit Ermitage experience.
Amenities include:

  • .daily yoga on the Firedeck
  • .nightly entertainment on our Private Rooftop
  • .15% off our Petit Dejeuner Breakfast buffet
  • .complimentary self-serve LAMILL Coffee and Tea between 7am and 11am at the Butterfly Bar
  • .1 bottle of water provided per person per day during Housekeeping services