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Suite 406: Immersive Art Installation by Greg Haberny at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood
Underground New York based artist Greg Haberny has exhibited at The Hermitage Museum in Bombay Beach, CA for the last two years as part of the Bombay Beach Biennale, a renegade and immersive art experience on the edge of the Salton Sea co-founded by experiential artist/hotelier Stefan Ashkenazy of Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood.

For 4 generations the Ashkenazy family has been instrumental in developing the careers of fledgling artists who would become legends – including Matisse, Miro and Basquiat. Today, Ashkenazy continues his family’s legacy of supporting important contemporary artists, even insofar as to build a foundational institution to Haberny’s specifications. The Hermitage Museum (an extension of Petit Ermitage’s artist in residence program) displays Haberny’s work year round, but before this year’s new Biennale show, Petit Ermitage is proud to host its own solo exhibition of his art.

In Suite 406, Haberny mixes new work created through the Petit’s Artist In Residence program with pieces from the Hermitage. By taking the dystopian functionality of Bombay Beach and infusing both its natural order and social disorder into the utopian and sophisticated aesthetic of the Petit Ermitage, he evinces the environmental disparity and mystery of the dying desert town.

Haberny engages the intersection of personal and collective memory, weaving episodic narratives into this retrospective look into the methodical chaos of his mind over the last three years as he upcycles, not recycles, previously unwanted materials while reformulating the mediums of painting, pottery, and sculpture.

Living and working in Bombay Beach for extended periods of time has added immeasurable depth to Greg’s own creative process, and this exhibit seeks to raise awareness to the plight of the Salton Sea while opening the experience up to other artists wanting to work in such a special environment.

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All artwork is for sale and the proceeds will help fund the 2018 Bombay Beach Biennale.

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